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In this section you can find with our marketing programs, various workshops, roadshow and conferences that are held under our auspices.

Seventh Annual Conference HPC DAY in Ukraine, 11-12 October 2012

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Conference "HPC DAY" is devoted to technology, hardware and software to build a powerful computer clusters, supercomputers, GRID and infrastructure to support their continuous operation. The conference is held annually since 2006. Throughout the years since our foundation actively supports NTU "KPI", and since 2010 we had such famous partners such as the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the international organization of HPC Advisory Council.

This year's conference will be held under the theme "New Challenges". Ukraine was the first among its neighbors in the design and construction of electronic computers, as in the Soviet Union and in the early years of post-Soviet life. Features of the political and economic development in one way or another restrict the development of the material component in our country. However, Ukrainian scientists are actively working in various scientific fields, using the latest advances in high performance computing, thanks to the installations of computers available to them, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. International collaboration in science has been and remains one of the most important factors in the development of society. We hope that the new speakers and visitors to our conference from all over the world, and especially with the territory of the former Soviet Union, will share their experiences and ideas with scientists and experts from the Ukraine at the conference HPC DAY 2012.